Wednesday, November 4, 2009


for those who don't know im Jasmin cash. Honestly i don't even post stuff on this blog for your entertainment is just so i can occupy at least 10 minutes in my day. Lol! its 2:45 am im writing in Yellow & im bumping me some Pharrell . Earliar today i got pissed cause i seen some fat girl rapping and doing splits on MTV . seriously what is Music coming too ?  i guess that should motivate me to make more hits right ? . on another note i day dream every monday  wednesday in english class & end up getting picked on but some how i never get lost. Blah im just typing away because chris just wants me to post something new . UHHH, now its 2:48am & i havent even took my daily shower i guess ill take it in the morning even though i hate morning showers =\ but ima just stop for now ! BYE!

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