Monday, September 21, 2009

DR.martens (:

Emerged in 1960, the classic 8-eye boot by Dr. Martens will celebrate a milestone year as it turns 50 years old. Although they are not the original black leather, these newly invented “8-eye’s” are sure to become an icon of its own with seven lively colors: cru, yellow, red, purple, blue, green and black. And while the top may seem to be made of canvas, it is actually water-resistant leather giving the illusion of a canvas material. Among the modern additions or readjustments to the OG boots, are the flat white sneaker-like laces, white contrast stitching and white soles. These highly anticipated boots are part of the Spring/Summer 2010 collection, and they will surely be off the shelves in a very short time, so don’t blink twice and make sure to keep your “Soles Bouncing”.

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